Local, ethical newspaper advertising in Leicester.

Photo of newspapers being printed

The Great Central Gazette is a local newspaper worth reading. We are purpose-driven and committed to high-quality journalism that serves the community.

It is unique and the only major independent newspaper in the city. Each issue of The Gazette will be hand-delivered to our paid members and placed in dozens of high-traffic areas for free across Leicester.

At 24 pages, there will be plenty of space for local, ethical advertising. The paper will have a shelf life of three months and will remain fiercely relevant.

In our September 2024 pilot issue, we expect to distribute 5,000 copies. We predict up to 10,000 people will read the newspaper in print. It is printed on high-quality 55gsm paper and is slightly bigger than A4 (Half Berliner format).

Print marketing is a tried and trusted method to promote your business. Readers are wary of online advertising, and rightly so. Readers are more likely to trust print ads. With print advertising, you are guaranteed to serve local people who want to use your product or services.

If you want to advertise with us and feature in our first issue, contact Michael York ( before July 2024.

Ethical advertising principles

The Gazette is committed to ethical advertising. Ethical advertising has truth, fairness, and equity in its messaging and product. An ethical advertisement is honest, accurate, and strives for human dignity.

At our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March 2024, members will help shape and vote on an ethical fundraising policy that outlines how we raise money and the types of companies we will work with.

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