Callout: tell us about your life as a carer

Are you a carer? We'd like to hear about your experiences in the role and the support you receive.

A senior man laughing with his carer.
There is currently very little support for carers across the country. Photograph: SolStock / Getty Images

Every year, 4.3 million people become carers in the UK – that's 12,000 a day.

A quarter of these carers have poor mental health, struggle with the cost of living crisis, and over a half of them have no life outside of caring. Leicester City Council have initiated several schemes and strategies to try to improve recruitment in the social care field, as well as the quality of work carers experience. But have they worked?

Are you struggling to balance your work life and personal life? Do you receive very little support? If so, we would like to hear from you.

We will only use your experience for the upcoming feature and may reference it in future articles relating to the topic. Anonymity can be provided to ensure job security. Your personal information, like your email address or phone number, will be held securely.

You can contact our team at with your experience.

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