Callout: what is your experience of health inequality as a south Asian woman in Leicester?

Tell us if you think your health condition is being ignored.

A hospital sign which points to the hospital entrance and A&E being to the left, out of frame
Do you feel like you get treated differently by healthcare staff? Photograph: George Clerk / Getty Images

We want to speak to south Asian women from Leicester who feel that their health conditions are being ignored by medical staff. We’d also like to speak to any south Asian healthcare staff who’ve heard the term ‘Mrs Bibi’ or ‘Mrs Begum’ syndrome being used in Leicester hospitals.

Recent research has revealed a term called ‘Mrs Bibi’ or ‘Mrs Begum’ syndrome, which refers to sexist/racist stereotypes that assume South Asian women are exaggerating their health concerns.

Do you feel like you get treated differently? Have you experienced first-hand racism at Leicester hospitals? Have you ever been told that you’re ‘exaggerating’ and been ignored? Has this changed your perception of healthcare?

Your experience will help us with an upcoming feature on south Asian women in healthcare, where we will speak to various women about their experiences in Leicester's hospitals.

If you want to get involved with this story, you can contact our team at

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