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Some of your questions answered.

I have a story, where should I send it?

Please email our editors:

Why should I become a member?

Becoming a member of the Great Central Gazette means supporting local, ethical and independent journalism in Leicester.

How much should I pay for a membership?

We encourage you to only pay what you can afford. Our membership tiers start at £2 per month.

What does The Gazette do with the money?

The Great Central Gazette is a not-for-profit newspaper. We invest every penny back into the business.

I can't afford a membership, can I get it free?

Yes! Most of our stories are free. Some of our members have opted to pay it forward for people on lower incomes. If money is tight but you still want to join our co-operative, email us: We can give you 12 months free membership. No questions asked.

How do I subscribe to The Gazette?

Select the ‘become a member’ button in the top right hand corner of the website. Then choose your preferred tier. 

Do you publish a print edition?

The Great Central Gazette print edition is coming in 2024. Watch this space!

How do I update my membership details?

You can update your membership details by logging into your account. 

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

Navigate to the bottom of an email and click on "unsubscribe".

When will my membership renew?

Your membership will renew every month on the day that you first started your membership.

How do I stop my membership from automatically renewing?

You can stop your membership from automatically renewing in your account settings.

How do I update my card details?

You can update your card details in your account settings.

What does membership give me?

Your membership gives you access to bonus stories, newsletters and events. You will also be allowed to vote in the co-operative. This means you have a say in how we’re run. There are plenty of other benefits too. Select ‘become a member’ in the top right hand corner of the website to find out more.

Do I get instant access to member benefits?

Yes, you do! Once you become a member you will have instant access to our wide range of benefits. Local discounts will be sent by email as and when they’re available. Keep an eye out!

I have bought from your shop but I have an issue, where can I find out more? 

If you have any questions regarding your order, please email us:

Do you offer trials?

No. Membership starts at £2 a month. It can be easily cancelled in your account settings after your first month. We don’t lock you into a contract.

Is it possible to buy a membership for a sixth form, college or university?

Yes, and with a 25% discount! But all students enrolled into membership must be 16 or over. For more information, please email our team:

Is it possible to buy a membership for my company?

Not at this time.

I'd like to buy a gift membership, how can I do that?

Please email our team:

What types of Gazette memberships are available?

There are multiple membership tiers available. They start at £2 per month. For our full list of options, click ‘become a member’ in the top right.

Can I buy lifetime membership to the Gazette?

Yes, please email us: This currently costs £325 and is equivalent to five years of Patron membership but is for life.