Social Media Volunteer

We are looking for a creative social media volunteer to join our team.

Photo of a social media influencer. Credit: Drazen

The Great Central Gazette is an independent, not-for-profit newspaper in Leicester, written by and for local people. We are a co-operative, a model where members get to vote on how the business is run.

Since launching in March 2023, The Gazette has become a trusted source of high-quality journalism, covering politics, the environment, arts and culture, history, and more.

Our commitment to impactful journalism goes beyond just reporting the news. We take pride in our investigations and solutions-focused reporting, delving deep into issues that matter most to our community.

The role

We seek someone to support our team in managing different social media channels to maximise engagement, promote our newsletter and membership, and raise awareness of The Gazette's stories.

As a Social Media Volunteer, you will:

  • Research and create creative content for different social media channels
  • Identify opportunities to establish relationships with local community groups
  • Regularly promote various aspects of The Gazette's work
  • Stay up to date with The Gazette's stories and promote these across social media
  • Think of innovative ways to drive online engagement
  • Identify target audiences and new platforms to try, like TikTok or Snapchat.

You do not need specific skills and experience; we will provide training. However, knowledge of social media and its workflows is desirable.

Time commitment

  • Minimum two hours per week
  • Hours and days can be agreed upon at the start of volunteering.

Work location

This position is remote, but volunteers are welcome to join us in person on Fridays.


Email outlining why you're the best fit for the role and how much time you can commit. Please include "Social Media Volunteer" in the subject line.

Please do not send CVs or cover letters.

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