Work with us

The Great Central Gazette is partly funded through our partnership alliance, where we work with local independent businesses, charities, civil society groups and public authorities who share our values. 

Photo of Soft Touch Arts centre on New Walk displaying the Punk: Rage & Revolution Exhibiton, 2023

Our partnerships with these allies help to fund The Gazette's high-quality journalism and support independent media.

We want to work with our allies and make sure that organisations, businesses, charities and community groups are seen by our audiences and celebrated for their impact in Leicester.

Together, we co-create research projects investigating specific topics relevant to Leicester. This typically results in 10-15 articles and an ethnographic report summarising our findings. In return, we offer free advertising and marketing services, including print advertising, inclusion in our weekly newsletter, editorial coverage, social media campaigns, profiles for our allies on the Great Central Gazette website and the ability to share offers, discounts and opportunities with our members.

We can work to the size of your organisation and your specific requirements.

Please contact Rhys if you would like to work with us at

Editorial independence

'Supported by' appears in some of our articles. We use it to describe editorially independent content for which we have accepted funding from third parties. The core team comes to a consensus on whether a funding source is suitable. In some situations – for example, in cases of corporate or government funding – we put it to a vote among our members. Our members have the final say. A client whose branding appears on editorial content may have a role in suggesting what topics are covered. Still, the commissioning editor is not obliged to accept them. Gazette journalists or freelancers write and edit the content to the same standards expected in all our journalism. The Gazette does not show final journalistic copy to funders for approval.

'Supported by' is also used to describe editorially independent content that The Gazette has produced with funding from philanthropic foundations and organisations who support specific projects. You can find a complete list of our funded projects here.

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