About us

The Great Central Gazette is an independent, not-for-profit newspaper in Leicester, written by and for local people.

Photo of Leicester from above King Power Stadium

We aim to hold power to account, work with the community to fix significant issues, and partner with local groups to present workshops for anyone hoping to learn new skills. We are a co-operative, a model where members become co-owners and have a say in how the newspaper operates.

The mission

Our mission at The Gazette is simple: to remain fiercely independent, sustained solely by our members and free from online ads. We are dedicated to delivering slow, high-quality journalism, with our reporters approaching each story with sensitivity, calm, and care, prioritising accuracy over haste. Inclusivity is at the heart of our values, ensuring everyone has a voice in shaping our operations. We foster a community where all perspectives are welcomed and vital to our collective decision-making.

The model

Free to access

We aim to publish several articles a week, with most being free to access. Members get bonus articles, a member-only newsletter, and access to commenting. Readers can subscribe to our free newsletter, which is published every two weeks.


We are a small, not-for-profit team. Our funding comes from membership contributions, grants, and donations.


We are owned and run by our members. There are places reserved on the board for both journalists and readers. This means that when you become a member of The Gazette, you become more than just a subscriber – you become a co-owner of your local newspaper and help it grow.

Every year, readers can stand for election to our board at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is where we make big decisions about the future of The Gazette. This is run online and in person.


Membership is our bread and butter. Our mission is to become member-funded. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. Throughout the year, we regularly run polls on what we should write about. But you can also attend events, volunteer your time, or write for us (and get paid).

The impact we have made

Since launching in March 2023, The Gazette has become a trusted source of high-quality journalism, covering politics, the environment, arts and culture, history, and more. Our commitment to impactful journalism goes beyond just reporting the news. We take pride in our investigations and solutions-focused reporting, delving deep into issues that matter most to our community.

The family who endured racist abuse inside their own home
And their journey for justice.
Revealed: Leicester City FC’s gambling ties after Luke Ashton’s death
An investigative report by James Turrell sheds light on the intersection of football and gambling, raising crucial questions about responsibility and transparency in the industry.
Full list of Labour councillors deselected in Leicester
The Labour Party has ‘purged’ 19 councillors in Leicester ahead of this year’s May local elections in a bid to root out corruption.

What people say

“I'm full of admiration for the team behind The Gazette. They have rapidly become an important voice for Leicester, helping fill the gap in local media” – Geoff Rowe, founder, Leicester Comedy Festival
The Gazette's co-operative, not-for-profit model is breaking new ground and working to fill the gap left by the decline of traditional media” – Nick Carter, ex-Leicester Mercury editor

The vision for the future

As we build the membership and work towards sustainability, we receive grant funding from various organisations to help us grow. We are also building a partnership alliance with local independent businesses, charities, civil society groups and public authorities who share our values.

We plan to launch a print edition in September 2024 – we are currently looking for local and ethical advertisers. We will remain free from online ads.

The Musical Legacy of Ruth Miller
Musician and writer Nancy Dawkins walks us through Ruth Miller’s extraordinary musical life after her recent passing.
From spice roots to modern routes: Revisiting Leicester’s diverse legacy
This South Asian Heritage Month, Tiyanna Mistry explores community, resilience, and celebration in local south Asian communities.

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