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Photo of Leicester City Centre Primer Inn hotel near Leicester Train Station
Rhys Everquill

Rhys is a seasoned journalist, writer, and media consultant. As Managing Editor, he organises The Gazette's editorial coverage and daily operations.

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Megan Lupton

Megan is a writer and podcaster. As Communications Coordinator, she ensures that The Gazette's work has an impact in Leicester and beyond.

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Emma Guy

Emma is an award-winning investigative journalist. As Commissioning Editor, she works with The Gazette's writers and volunteers.

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David Landwehr

David is a local chef and a fan of everything from Football to Formula 1. He writes about sports and food.

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Leah Everquill

Leah is a researcher at De Montfort University. She writes about theatre and What's On.

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Tiyanna Mistry

Tiyanna is a freelance writer, poet, and avid reader. She is currently studying English Language and Literature at Newcastle University.

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Molly Lee

Molly is a journalism student at De Montfort University. She is passionate about telling local stories and raising awareness for important causes.

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Margaret Brecknell

Margaret is a freelance writer. She specialises in history.

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Nancy Dawkins

Nancy is a writer, editor and musician from Leicester. She is an award-winning poet, published author, and Leicester Writers' Club member.

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Jess Bourne

Jess is a journalism student at De Montfort University. She writes about history, politics and What's On.

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Phil Morrish

Phil is our local weather forecaster. He contributes to our free newsletter, Inside Leicester.

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Alice Toomer-McAlpine

Alice is a writer, producer and trainer. She works for Co-op News and helped set up Manchester Meteor, a local media co-op.

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Editorials from The Gazette.

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Maddie Forster

Maddie studied investigative journalism at De Montfort University. She has a passion for stories in all forms and is an aspiring journalist, producer and director.

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Panos Theodoropoulos

Panos is a Teaching Fellow of Work, Employment, Management and Organisation, University of Leicester. He has a background as a migrant worker and trade union organiser.

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Helen Pettman

Helen is the Managing Editor of the Evington Echo, a community magazine in Evington village.

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Hersh Thaker

Hersh is the former Labour Party candidate for Belgrave in the 2023 local elections.

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Dorothy Francis

Dorothy is a trainer, mentor and advisor. As a Reader Director, she represents The Gazette's members on the board of directors. She is passionate about social business, especially co-ops.

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Amina Ali

Amina is a journalism student at De Monfort University. She loves writing about anything and everything.

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Emmie Newitt

Emmie is the Founder of Theatre & Tonic, a Leicestershire-based theatre blog.

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James Turrell

James is a freelance investigative journalist and writer. He has conducted several investigations into the gambling industry.

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