The Great Central Gazette is committed to financial and organisational transparency.

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Great Central Gazette Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014. Registered no. 5001.

The name of any individual who gives £5,000/year or more will be listed on this page. Organisations are included without regard to the amount they contribute.


The Gazette is a member-owned newspaper, free from corporate backers or ad-driven revenue. No matter how much you pay, we operate a one-member, one-vote policy.

Total members 77
Paid members 60
MMR £192
AAR £2,304
ARPU £3.20

What do these terms mean?

Monthly member revenue (MMR) is the revenue that we receive on a monthly basis from all paying memberships. MMR is calculated by taking the total number of paying members multiplied by the average billed amount.

Annual recurring revenue (ARR) is a forecast of our annual revenue, calculated by multiplying MMR by 12. It assumes everything stays exactly as is for the rest of the year – no churn, new customers, or expansion.

Average revenue per user (ARPU) is calculated by dividing our MMR by our number of paying members. ARPU is calculated monthly and gives us an idea of how much the average member spends.


As we build the membership and work towards sustainability, we receive grant funding from various organisations to help us grow.

Grants to date

Date Funder Amount Type Funding Pot
Mar 2024 Laura Kinsella Foundation £2,000 Community Cohesion Workshops N/A
Feb 2024 UK Government via Leicester City Council £5,700 (value) Business Support Growth Accelerator for Social Entrepreneurs
Jan 2024 De Montfort University £2,289 (value) Fully-funded Internship Frontrunners scheme
Nov 2023 Your Co-op £3,263.80 General Election Coverage Campaigns Fund
Nov 2023 De Montfort University £3,629.70 Fully-funded Internship ACE Internships scheme
Apr 2023 Your Co-op £542.62 Local Elections Coverage Campaigns Fund
Mar 2023 The Wainwright Trusts £2,000 Local Elections Coverage Scurrah Wainwright Charity
Mar 2023 Lush £1,000 Events Charity Pot
Feb 2023 De Montfort University £2,000 Environment Reporting Community Challenge Fund
Dec 2022 Central Co-op £500 Core Funding Membership Community Council (Southern)
Jul 2022 The Co-operative Bank via Co-operatives UK £2,400 (value) Business Support The Hive

We have also received generous in-kind donations, pro-bono services and discounts from: Canva, Grammarly, Simple Analytics and Blocksurvey.

We regularly receive free tickets and invitations to press nights from a wide range of local organisations.


In Autumn 2022, we ran a crowdfunding campaign. We raised £2,547.12 in donations after platform fees.

Crowdfunder supporters

Aidan Davis, Alex Clark, Alexis Wolfe, Assiah Hamed, Bart van der Velden, Bridget Thomas, Catherine Flick, Chris Kealey, Chris Slowe, Chris Williams, Dorothy Francis, Eliza Lomas, Emily O'Neill, Emma Guy, Gavin Campbell, Helen Everett, Ian Wilson, Joe Mitchell, Joe Simons, John Coster, Jonathan Davies, Kim Darrah, Leona Fensome, Lucas Batt, Lucy Faire, Makinder Singh Chahal, Marina Calland, Megan Lupton, Michael Mullaney, Mike Jennings, Mr B Reay, Norten De Souza, Pam Mizon, Patrick McGovern, Pervez Khan, Rachel Hamada, Rhys Everquill, Rhiannon Davies, Rob Edwards, Rob Watson, Sean Loveridge, Sheridan Flynn, Shirley Stafferton, Steve Moss, Tchiyiwe Chihana, Leah Everquill + 14 anonymous small donors.


Paid staff 0
Director remuneration £25 per board meeting
Commissioning rate £125 per article
Freelance hourly rate £18.75

Salaries explained

Director remuneration is the amount board members can claim for attending a board of directors meeting. It covers their time and travel expenses (if any).

The commissioning rate is the flat fee we pay people who write for us. All our writers are freelance.

Our freelance hourly rate is the standard pay the core team receives for events and other activities outside of volunteering. 

This table may change should we decide to hire or contract someone.

Annual accounts

  • Annual Financial Report 2022/23 (coming soon)


Where does my membership contribution go?

We are not-for-profit, so every penny is reinvested back into The Gazette. Here is an idea of where your money goes:

500 members contributing £4/month = one full-time salary at the Real Living Wage

To be fully funded by members, we would need:

2,000 members contributing £4/month = fully funded by members with three paid staff members at the Real Living Wage (includes overheads)

How else is The Gazette funded?

Our funding mostly comes from membership contributions and grants, with a tiny amount coming from sponsorships, services, donations and our shop.

Can I support The Gazette with a one-off contribution?

Absolutely. You can buy a T-shirt or donate.

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