Following these guidelines, you can republish our articles online or in print for free.

Photo of the River Soar near the Soar Point pub

The articles on this website are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

For print and online

  • You cannot edit the article. Except to reflect changes in time, location and editorial style.
  • You must credit authors. This should be in the byline.
  • You must credit the Great Central Gazette. Please include a link to the original article and our logo at the top of the page (file below).
  • You should notify us. Please email the editors at when your version has been published.
  • You cannot paywall content. This includes selling it in any way.
  • You can run ads. It is OK to put our articles on pages with ads.
  • You are responsible for images. This licence does not include images, photos, and graphics on The Gazette's website. You must source your own and ensure you have permission to publish them.
  • You may use images on our Flickr page. Everything in our image bank is licensed in the same way as our articles.
  • You cannot automatically republish articles. You must not systemically republish every article on the Great Central Gazette website.

Commercial use

  • You must pay a licensing fee. Contact if you want to use our content for commercial use.
  • You cannot republish content paywalled by The Gazette. We have some posts that are member-only. If you would like to republish this content, you must pay a licensing fee.


  • Quotes: You can quote authors or use our sourced quotes as long as you link back to the article or original source.
  • Translations: Technically, it is a derivation under the Creative Commons licence and requires approval. Please email
  • Print: You must follow these guidelines when republishing our articles in print. Your print version must include our logo but does not need to include a link. Please send the published article to
  • Podcast, video and Local Democracy Reporting Service content: This licence does not apply to these formats.

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