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Want to know what’s happening in Leicester? Use our calendar to explore Leicester events and community activities by day, week, or month.

Photo of a young person singing at an event at Soft Touch Arts

Want to add an event?

To add an event to the calendar, fill out the form below. The more information you can provide, the quicker we can approve it and the more chance you have of being featured in our free weekly newsletter, Inside Leicester.

All events are subject to moderation. Please allow 72 hours for your event to appear on the calendar.

Political parties and campaign groups

Any political party or campaign group may submit events for consideration, provided they agree with the content moderation guidelines and ethical boundaries below.

Content moderation

We reserve the right to reject any event with a proven (or strongly suspected) record of mistreating or discriminating against people based on protected characteristics.

Ethical boundaries

We reserve the right to reject any event from any individual or organisation who makes their income from an activity that abuses human rights, causes environmental destruction or depends on the depletion of finite resources. This may include gambling, defence, property speculation, tobacco, drugs, the sex industry, or any criminal activity. This list is not exhaustive but sets out the kinds of industries and practices The Gazette wants to avoid being associated with.

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