The Great Central Gazette is a unique publication with a loyal and diverse readership.

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The Gazette is a membership-supported and newsletter-first platform. We offer sponsorship opportunities in our newsletters to local businesses, charities and community groups to help spotlight their work. We're still committed to keeping the website ad-free, but sponsors help fund our core costs.

Becoming a sponsor gives you direct access to a highly engaged annual readership of 20,000 local people at incredibly affordable rates. Our steadily growing newsletters reach more than 400 subscribers every week, boasting an outstanding 51% average open rate. Each newsletter is prominently featured on our website, reaching another 2,000 people. We widely share newsletters across social media platforms to over 1,100 followers and generate approximately 15,000 monthly impressions per platform.

Every new sponsor gets a 'meet the sponsor' post on our social media profiles.

Our readership is engaged in local, independent, social, ethical, and green issues and highly values impactful brands and organisations.

What sponsorship looks like

  • Above the fold 700x200 banner, £30 CPM (cost per 1,000 subscribers)
  • Below the fold 700x100 banner, £25 CPM (cost per 1,000 subscribers)

Discounts: Available on request for charities and community groups.

Other ways to connect with our readers

We often highlight the work voluntary, community and social enterprises do in the community. If you would like us to consider sharing your social content, please email comms@greatcentralgazette.org. There is no cost for this.

Anyone can share their news and events on our Facebook group.

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