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First things first, let us start with the essentials.


  1. Join the WhatsApp Community here – this lets you connect with other members and The Gazette team.
  2. Ask one other person to join The Gazette – If everyone did this, we would double our monthly membership.
  3. Start commenting – As a member, you can comment underneath articles. The reporter is notified of every comment and is encouraged to respond.

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As a member, you are automatically subscribed to The Newsroom – our paid email newsletter. Every so often, we include opportunities in the newsletter that allow you to steer the direction of The Gazette. It is also the first place we announce when and where our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is happening (typically in March time). The AGM is where we make big decisions about the future of The Gazette.

Pay-it-forward scheme

We are indefinitely grateful if you selected the Patron membership option during checkout. By choosing this tier, you have "paid forward" membership for someone who may not have been able to afford it. We have a no-questions-asked approach to the pay-it-forward scheme, so if you know someone who would like a free membership, please email us at info@greatcentralgazette.org.

Can I donate more than my membership contribution?

Absolutely. Please head on over to our donate page to set up a regular or one-time contribution.

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Member-only articles are available across the website. Keep an eye out for the "Member-only" label. These are also included in The Newsroom newsletter.

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