We are a co-operative, a type of business owned and run by our members.

Photo of Jewry Wall, a ruined wall of 2nd-century Roman masonry.

There are two types of members: Journalists and readers.

The journalist members, who run the Great Central Gazette, can elect the journalist directors.

The reader members, who read The Gazette and have become paying subscribers, elect the reader directors.

There are equal places reserved on The Gazette's board of directors for journalists and readers. There are two additional spots for independent directors. Independent directors are appointed for expertise in areas like law or accounting.

Every year, readers can stand for election to our board at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) unless the board decides to call it early. The AGM is also where we make big decisions about the future of The Gazette.

We regularly poll our members on various topics throughout the year in The Newsroom, our member newsletter.

Anyone can join The Gazette. No one is obligated to join just because they live in Leicester. We understand not everyone will be able to afford membership or want to take part.

We operate on a one-member, one-vote basis. Membership is democratic, and everyone has an equal say. This contrasts with most corporate newspapers, which are run as one share, one vote.

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