Reporter (Frontrunner Internship)

We are looking for an enthusiastic student to join us in the next academic year and work as a Reporter.

Photo of De Montfort University's Vijay Patel building from Western Boulevard by pastelliacera.

The Great Central Gazette is an independent, not-for-profit newspaper in Leicester, written by and for local people. We are a co-operative, a model where members get to vote on how the business is run.

Since launching in March 2023, The Gazette has become a trusted source of high-quality journalism, covering politics, the environment, arts and culture, history, and more.

Our commitment to impactful journalism goes beyond just reporting the news. We take pride in our investigations and solutions-focused reporting, delving deep into issues that matter most to our community.

The role

We seek someone keen to pursue a local or investigative journalism career with an early track record to demonstrate this. Individuals will have a passion for public interest journalism and covering underreported local stories to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. They will be expected to build up local contacts and develop topic areas of expertise. These are early career journalism skills, and successful applicants will learn them quickly and efficiently on the job.

You will:

  • Pitch and regularly publish thorough and original local journalism, particularly impactful journalism that holds power to account, engages readers and contributes to public debate
  • Subedit and proof articles before publication
  • Work collaboratively with other members of the editorial team on joint articles and reporting
  • Assist colleagues with journalism research
  • Contribute to the general strategic development and operational work of The Gazette
  • Help build a public, professional profile and represent The Gazette in community and industry forums
  • Utilise social media channels to share and promote articles, engage with the local audience, and stay updated on community feedback
  • Adhere to ethical journalism standards and maintain neutrality and fairness in reporting.

Hours of work

  • 10 hours per week paid at £10.90 an hour
  • Hours and days of the week can be agreed upon at the start of the internship.

Work location

This internship follows a hybrid model, meaning you must work part on-site in Leicester and part remotely.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be a De Montfort University student (open to all four faculty students and both undergraduates and postgraduates)
  • Must be able to complete the internship within the agreed timescales
  • You must attend a Frontrunners workshop. Any questions regarding this can be directed to Details are available on MyGateway.

The start date for this internship is the week commencing 7 October 2024. It ends on Friday, 21 March 2025. Due to the nature of the scheme, these dates are non-negotiable.


As the Frontrunners scheme is run in partnership with De Montfort University, the application process for this role differs from how we usually recruit for work experience and other internships. Students can apply on MyGateway using the button below.

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