Leicester Textiles Festival weathers the storm

Plus Carol Leeming, vacancies and our new partnership alliance

Photo of a roller banner which reads "Leicester Textiles Festival 2023"

In conversation with John Coster

We caught up with John Coster, the project manager for Leicester Textile Festival, as the event was drawn to a close.

Rhys Everquill: "How did the weather impact the Leicester Textiles Festival?"

John Coster: "Well, because there's an indoor and an outdoor element to the festival, you've always got the flexibility to do something. So, obviously, weatherproofing is a tough call towards the end of the year. But we had great success with the weather on Saturday and Sunday, which was great for BBC Radio 2 in the Park and the Leicester Textiles Festival.

"But the good thing about the rain is that it all came in a three-day chunk. And it split the festival into two quite nicely. Ultimately, it's not what happens, it's how you deal with it. Saturday, 23 September, was our busiest day. We had seven events on the calendar that were all around town.

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