One year ago, you helped us raise over £2,600

Plus City of Leicester Awards, print advertising and... we are hiring!

Emma Guy (left), Commissioning Editor, and Rhys Everquill (right), Managing Editor
Our editors ahead of the crowdfunding campaign launch
We want to thank you, our readers, in place of an interview this week. Members can scroll down to read the rest of The Newsroom as usual.

It has been a whole year since we raised £2,640 from 64 supporters in our crowdfunding campaign. Thank you to everyone who supported us.

We exceeded our target by raising a little over what we had asked for. We used the funds to build an accessible website without advertising and guaranteed fair payment for freelancers and contributors. We also put aside a tiny amount for marketing to spread the word.

Undoubtedly, we will have to run another crowdfunder in the future. With funders nationwide less likely to give out grants, running a newspaper free from advertising is challenging. 

But with your support, we can save local journalism by ensuring everyone has access to the stories that matter.

The best way to continue supporting us is to become a member. If you have already joined, please consider contributing another £2/month.

To put it into perspective, 500 members contributing £4/month means we could hire one full-time reporter.

To be fully funded by members, we would need 2,000 members contributing £4/month, supporting a small team and covering all expenses.

Once again, thank you for your support. Now, back to The Newsroom.

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