Callout: Share your experience on what it's like to work in Leicester's hospitals

We'd like to hear from NHS workers about the situation in Leicester's hospitals, particularly Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI).

Photo of a ward at LRI by Victuallers

We want to speak to healthcare workers about the current situation in Leicester's NHS hospitals after reports of understaffing and stretched resources.

At LRI, for example, one patient was told to "drink fewer fluids" so they wouldn't need to keep going to the toilet. Resources were so slim that staff couldn't provide one-to-one care for patients on their ward despite being asked to do so.

Have you faced issues because of understaffing? Does your ward rely on agency workers? Are you facing unreasonable demands from higher-ups? What is morale like among staff? You will be kept anonymous.

Your experience will help inform an upcoming feature on the state of Leicester's hospitals, where we speak to both patients and staff and draw upon local and national data to understand why there are issues. We will also look at potential solutions to the problems.

Get involved

We will only use your experience for the upcoming feature and may reference it in future articles about the topic. You will not be named. Your personal information, like your email address or phone number, will be held securely. 

You can contact our editors at or send a WhatsApp message to our managing editor, Rhys Everquill, at +44(0)7840425718. Both are secure ways to get in touch.

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